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Ginger, Honey & Soy Sauce Roasted Wild Salmon Paired with Dry Riesling

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Roast Salmon is my go- to recipe when I am looking for an easy, quick and flavorful dinner pick. This buttery, flakey and tender fish is one of the most nutritious foods, loaded with antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and B vitamins.

This recipe has an Asian twist to it, with two dominant flavors: ginger and soy sauce.


Total Time: 30 minutes

Servings: 4 Persons

Recipe Created by: Elissar Kurban


Either 4 individual salmon pieces or 1 large piece

4 tbsp freshly grated ginger

4 tbsp honey

½ cup soy sauce

½ lemon juice

Salt & Pepper to taste

Green vegetable--asparagus or spinach are good accompaniments


Liquify 4 tbsp honey in a small mixing bowl (I just pop in microwave for 15 seconds)

Add 4 tbsp freshly grated ginger ( I use a garlic grater--works a treat!)

Add soy sauce to cover the honey and ginger--some will prefer less, some more--can be quite salty

Add juice of half a lemon

Stir until all ingredients have dissolved and coat/marinate the salmon for at least 2 hrs or overnight in fridge--leave at ¼ of the marinade to use during baking and to add before serving if desired

Bake (and grill towards the end) on 400 F for 35-45 minutes depending on thickness; top up with marinade as needed during the cooking

Serve with roasted asparagus or your choice of greens and add marinade as desired

Wine Pairing:

2017 August Kesseler Riesling - Daily August.

Rheingau is one of the most important of Germany's 13 wine regions. It is located on the Rhine a 20-minute drive west of Frankfurt.

August Kesseler Estate was founded in 1924, originally producing mostly bulk wine with a vineyard area of just over six acres. Today, the estate has become one of the flagship producers in Rheingau and enjoys a high international reputation. The estate spans 80 acres of vineyards located in some of the best Rheingau sites. They produce 60% Riesling and 40% Pinot Noir and are a member of the VDP and the German Barrique-Forum.

Tasting Notes:

The Daily August is an honest representation of a typical Rheingau known as a more masculine style than Rieslings from the Mosel. It is dry with pronounced aromas of fresh citrus fruits, balanced with notable minerality, high acidity and a good finish. This wine is a refreshing companion for every day, and easy to enjoy with or without food.


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