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München, the Heart of Bavaria

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Have you ever thought of a city where you could surf in the middle of its lush gardens, tour over 80 museums, experience a truly Bavarian open market, enjoy eclectic culinary experiences, and taste some of the world’s celebrated beers in one day? Welcome to the heart of Bavaria- Munich!

There is much more to Munich besides its Oktoberfest and Baroque architecture. In a short but meaningful visit, Munich captivated my wanderer soul and enchanted my curious mind with its rich history, magnificent buildings, and rare art treasures; a powerful reminder that Munich has been indeed the center of artistic life and culture in the 19th century. Founded by the Benedictine monks, the city’s name holds the essence of its history, the word München means: “by the the monks’ place” - Today, modern Munich is a financial and publishing hub, as well as a frequently top-ranked destination for livability; in 2010 Monocle ranked Munich as the world’s most livable city.

Here is a glimpse of few must- dos when in Munich:

Englischer Garden:

Munich is home to one of the largest urban parks in the world known as the “Englischer Garten”. This charming natural landscape embodies several historic representations from temples and towers to beer gardens, connecting the city’s main river to the old city center of Munich. The English Garden is a popular playground for locals and visitors alike. One captivating attraction worth mentioning is the standing wave in one of the Englischer Garten’s streams called Eisbach in which surfers ‘hang ten’ all year round.

Ultimately, the Englischer Garten is truly the perfect place for just about any mood or activity from cycling, surfing, jogging or walking through the city to a picnic or gathering with friends, reading a book, people watching, sunbathing or simply just toasting to life and appreciating nature with a bottle of good wine or champagne- Prost!


Right in the heart of Munich’s old town, The Viktualienmarkt is known as the culinary center of the city. Munich’s largest market is home to a variety of fresh local and seasonal goods ranging from organically grown fruits and vegetables and exotic spices to numerous stalls offering cheese and dairy products as well as baked goods and an extensive assortment of wines and spirits.

Epicures, locals and visitors gather here to experience and find traditional Bavarian delicacies and exotic produce all in one location. The Viktualienmarkt has been a city landmark for over 200 years equipped with several butcher, fish, coffee and plant shops as well as various other snack stands to feed your senses and satisfy all your cravings. Another bonus is the market’s cozy beer garden attracting locals and tourists alike and offering beers from all the major local breweries. This gourmet paradise is worth a visit any time!

Dios Minga:

Located in one of Munich’s most eclectic neighborhoods known for it’s hip bars and shops, Dios Minga is a rare find where Spanish tapas bind effortlessly with traditional Bavarian delicacies.

The name says it all! Among traditional tapas such as bacon wrapped dates, pimientos and ceviche, you will be delighted to find an exclusive selection of Bavarian & Spanish specialties such as Bavarian-Spanish salad, veal goulash with chorizo and Flammkuchen with manchego, serrano and arugula.

If you ever make it to Munich don’t miss the opportunity to escape into this fine Iberian- Bavarian culinary journey! a cozy and lively venue for an intimate and wonderful time with friends and loved ones!

‘Dios Minga’ offers 45 to 50 different types of wine, focusing mainly on offerings from Spain, Portugal, Germany and Austria. Because truly, what would food be without good wine?

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